Materials & Supplies

Fence Construction Tools & Accessories

Fence Construction Tools & Accessories

Ranchers is truly your one-stop resource for fence construction.  In addition to all the raw materials, panels, gates and pre-manufactured fencing, we offer an ever-increasing list of unique hardware and accessories to make your construction faster and more economical.


Tinhorn Culverts

Corrugated for reinforced strength and yet light weight for easy positioning.

Industrial, Farm and Residential use.

The galvanized coating provides years of service for the owner.

Post Caps

These caps are thick, dome-shaped caps that give that finished look to any post - simply by welding them on the top.

The sizes listed below will match standard pipe sizes perfectly.

Gate Hinges

Cable Products

Keep your cable tight and looking good with our high strength springs, turnbuckles, and cable hardware.

Clips & Clamps for Rods & Cables

                 Clips                         Clamps
1/4"                           1/4"
5/16"                          5/16"

Gate Latches


Gate Rollers


Steel Prep

Take the work out of preparing surfaces for painting.  Steel Prep dissolves rust and grease and extends the life of your paint job.  Simply spray on Steel Prep, rinse it off, and you are then ready to paint.  Steel Prep is concentrated - one gallon makes up to 5 gallons of solution.

Due to transport restrictions we are unable to ship Steel Prep.

Picket Castings

Picket castings and rings will add individuality to your gate entrance. Ranchers stocks a full line of decorative enhancements to bring a flair to your fence.